Rubbabu Braille Alphabet Learning Set


Rubbabu Braille Alphabet Learning Set consist of 26 embossed alphabet tiles in Braille and English made of natural rubber


  • Made from Natural Rubber Foam and covered with a nylon flock.
  • A set of 26 tiles, each tile embossed with the same letter in Braille and in the Roman (English) alphabet.
  • Tiles: 8.5 x 3.5  x2.5 cm
  • Safe for use for adults and children from Age 2 years.
  • Assists with Fine Motor Skill Development, Language and Social Skills and Special Need Education

Why Rubbabu

Rubbabu Toys are made from natural rubber foam and covered with nylon flock

  • Natural Rubber Foam is made from the sap of the rubber tree. The tree does not have to be cut down, making the rubber a renewable material.
  • No fossil fuels were used to make the natural rubber
  • Flock is sourced from the finest companies in Spain and Switzerland


  • Natural rubber is 100% biodegradable.
  • Rubbabu Toys are therefore 100% biodegradable except for the nylon covering and the ABS used in the tyres for vehicles, axels and hubs

Hand Made

  • Rubbabu toys are handmade.
  • The process is similar to making bread. The rubber foam is hand poured into moulds and slowly baked. Each toy is then dried, painted and flocked individually by hand, giving you lovely handmade toys.

Natural Rubber is Strong

  • Rubbabu products are made of pure rubber foam, therefore strong.  No "fillers" like silica or china clay are used.

Are Rubbabu Toys safe for babies and toddlers?

All toys rates 0+ pass safety tests for all ages and are made of completely safe materials and colours. However, these toys are not teething toys and require adult supervision when used by teething children.




Creative Child, Kids Product of the Year Award, 2014

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