ROX Pro uses light, sound and vibration to create randomized training scenarios that develop your athletes cognitive-motor skills and boost engagement across all skill levels.

Increase Performance

Simulate in-game situations with randomized training that stimultares cognitive-motor skills and boost your athletes' performance

Boost Engagement

ROX Pro helps you make the hard work of your athletes, clients or patients more fun, so they focus on the drill: this makes the process a lot easier and makes sure they come back for more

Capture Objective Data

Take the guesswork out of your training through real time feedback in the App and track the progress of your athletes and clients via cloud-based data analytics

Unique Features

Light, Sound and Vibration

Multi-sensory cues stimulate multiple senses and recreate real game and life scenarios.

Adjustable sensors

Adjustable sensitivity of sensors complies to different training and location needs.

Balance feature

Body balance assessment and training via immediate feedback.

Super durable

Ball, kick, punch-proof ROX. Made of jet-fighter materials and engineered to withstand any impact.

Mobile Tech

Reliable IoT connectivity, easy set up and wireless charging for convenient long-term use.

Training Methodology

Sports-science backed Programs for cognitive-motor skills development, focus-training and motivation boosting.

Versatile for all your clients

  • Take your trainings anywhere
  • For all sports
  • For all ages and fitness levels
  • Train in every dimension: on the floor, punch bags, walls or racks
  • Cleat, punch and kick proof

Easy to use. For all types of trainers

  • Save time with 3 taps & go
  • Create your own programs
  • Get Inspired from 200+ video based drills
  • Customize each drill

Objective data. Show, track & analyze

  • Get real time feedback
  • Track results in App
  • Assign results easily
  • Analyze performance via cloud based dashboard