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Fitness and Performance Training for Athletes of all ages and fitness levels.


The CardioCage simulates real life movements depending on the sport or training that you are focusing on and is fully functional to your client needs.

CardioCage creates a 100% focused, fun to do, real game scenario experience.

Rox Pro

The most effective way to train, wherever, whenever. Any place, any age, any fitness level, sport, rehab or neurological conditions with real time feedback. Train in Every Dimension - on the floor, punch bags, walls and racks. Cleat, punch and kickproof.


Aerofloor is the only floor available that allows multi-directional, functional movement training whilst reducing impact stress making it a highly valuable addition for rehabilitation and training.

Training Areas

Full body & brain training based on light, sound and vibration signals for everyone from professional athletes to seniors to train or use in pre- or post rehab or for neurological conditions.

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