CardioCage fitted with Rox Pro pods and a shock absorbing Aerofloor creates the world's first 360o multi-sensory, interactive sport fitness workout.

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CardioCage - The world's First 360o multi-sensory training experience.

Get inside the only Cage you never want to leave.

Functional, Randomised Training
  • Stimulate real life movements depending on the sport or training that you are focusing on.
  • Fully functional to your needs and randomised training scenarios
  • Creates a 100% focused, fun to do, real game scenario experience.
Unlimited Possibilities
  • Training in the CardioCage is unlimited.
  • Vertical jumps, plyometrics, agility & speed, HIIT, multi-method training and individual / partner training are just a few of the many activities you can participate in
  • A truly all-round experience for each and every user.
360o Multi-sensory Training
  • The CardioCage prevents you or your clients from doing anything other than focusing your full  attention on their training.
  • Fully proven to improve spacial awareness/ proprioception even under strenuous conditions.
  • Challenges auditory skills, develops peripheral vision and improves eye, hand and foot reactions.
Fun, Interactive Experiences
  • This immersive training system is fun and brings out a competitive streak within anyone who enters.
  • The CardioCage is like a jungle gym which gamifies tough training regimes.
  • Although hard work, it is so much fun, after each session you'll want to jump straight back in.
Position Specific Movements
  • Regardless of the sport you are focussing on, the CardioCage will take anyone, of any ability, to their next level.
  • The Cage is designed to be completely versatile with any sport and for any position.
  • Movements and drills can be modified specifically for your game.
Easy App Control and Performance Data
  • All data is instantly recorded during each CardioCage workout.
  • All results are 100% comparable for assessment and performance tracking.
  • All analysis is completely accurate and this easy to read data will create pure competitiveness within individuals and groups.
CardioCage Features include:
  • Interactive sensors with light and sound stimulation.
  • Light, sound and vibration for auditory, visual, tactile and multi-component cues.
  • The latest technology provides a multi-sensory experience for all those who train with it.
100% customisable, sports and position specific programs
  • With the video library of drills and programs, in a matter of seconds, you can copy and even fully adjust depending on your athletes needs.
  • You can even design your own bespoke programs.
Multi-dimensional, Multi-Functional Arena
  • Movements can vary from the floor, over-head, climbing, or set to stature level.
  • Program levels available at all heights.
  • Integrate with boxing bags, sling trainers, resistance bands and more.
360o- Adjustable Cognitive Sphere
  • Adjust and activate cognitive stimuli based on training specific needs.
  • Decide your own degree range based on position or sport e.g. soccer outfielders use 360o while goal keepers use 270o
Objective, 100% comparable data
  • Immediate data and analytics via our free ioS and Andriod app.
  • Use the cloud-based dashboard to monitor performance and set challenges of where your athlete can make improvements.
Shock absorbing, adjustable "unstable surface" flooring
  • With the revolutionary aerofloor - flooring based on proprietary "controlled energy return technology"
  • The Cardio Cage comes with shock absorption flooring sparing joints from impact.
What clients say about CardioCage:
  • Jimmy Walker, Premier League Goalkeeping Coach, "The CardioCage is a goalkeepers dream training  machine. Nothing compares it's just world class."
  • Tim Simpson, British Lions, England International and Leicester Tigers Full Back, "The CardioCage is an amazing training tool. It's the future of functional training."
  • Alan Pearson, Founder SAQ Rehabilitation Solutions, "CardioCage is destined to change the world of training and conditioning."
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Pricing & Orders

Price available on request, and orders can be placed with No Boundaries Events Pty Ltd directly on hello@noboundaries.co.za.

CardioCage is made on order. Lead times therefore apply for manufacture and shipping and will be confirmed at the time of interest and order placement.


Guarantee & Warranty

30-day money-back guarantee

1-year warranty

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