• Proprietary ‘Controlled Energy Return Technology’
  • Shock absorption sparing the joints from exercise impact
  • Focal shock absorption properties
  • Elastic recoil providing a safe, fun and explosive training surface
  • Increased cardiovascular demand compared with work on a normal training surface
  • Proprioceptive qualities providing an adjustable ‘unstable surface’ for balance training
  • Joint impact is minimized and the energy return allows rapidity of movement
  • "The arrival of  aerofloor® into the Sports Medicine arena is a long awaited training and rehabilitation phenomenon that will revolutionize this discipline."

    JOHN FERAN, Physical Therapist, Chelsea Football Club

  • "There is nothing else available that allows multi-directional, functional movement training whilst reducing impact stress.  aerofloor® is a highly valuable addition to our rehabilitation and training option."

    JOHN GREEN, Physical Therapist, ex West Ham United FC

  • "aerofloor® has proved invaluable as great tool for our joint compromised athletes"

    JOHN DAVIN, Physical Therapist, Manchester United

A rehab revolution
used by 80% of
Premier League teams
England World Cup squad, Russia 2018
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