Aerofloor- A unique shock absorbent exercise & rehab floor


Aerofloor – a rehab revolution with shock absorption to spare joints from impact, increased cardiovascular demand & improved balance training


A Rehab revolution used by 80% of Premier League teams

Controlled Energy Return Technology shock absorption

  • Proprietary Controlled Energy Return technology
  • Shock absorption sparing joints from exercise impact
  • Focal shock absorption properties
  • Elastic recoil providing a safe,, fun and explosive training surface
  • Increased cardiovascular demand compared with work on a normal training surface
  • Proprioceptive qualities providing an adjustable “unstable surface” for balance training
  • Joint impact is minimised and the energy return allows rapidity of movement


  • Abrasion resistant, non-toxic TPU
  • Includes foot-pump, all 5m and 10m models include e-pump
  • Available in different sizes

What our customers say:

A rehab revolution used by 80% of Premier League teams and the England World Cup Squad, Russia 2018

  • “There is nothing else available that allows multi-directional, functional movement training whilst reducing impact stress. Aerofloor is a highly valuable addition to our rehabilitation and training option. John Green, Physical Therapist, ex West  Ham United FC

“aerofloor has proved invaluable as a great tool for joint compromised athletes.” John Davin, Physical Therapist, Manchester United

“The arrival of aerofloor into the Sports Medicine arena is a long awaited training and rehabilitation phenomenon that will revolutionise this discipline. John Feran, Physical Therapist, Chelsea Football Club

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Sizes and Additional Information

Aerofloor floors are available in various sizes:

1.48 x 1m; 1,48 x 1,48m; 1,48 x 5m; 1,48 x 10m; 1,82 x 5m; 1,82 x 10m



Pricing & Orders

Price available on request, and orders can be placed with No Boundaries Events Pty Ltd directly on

Aerofloors are made on order. Lead times therefore apply for manufacture and shipping and will be confirmed at the time of interest and order placement.

Guarantee & Warranty

30-day money back guarantee

1- year warranty