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No Boundries is currently the only club registered with UTR - Universal Rating System in South Africa. 

Base membership is FREE!

Email us your name, gender and date of birth. 


UTR allows you to:

  • Get rated globally
  • Monitor and track your performance against players globally
  • Post scores and results
  • Find similar strength hitting partners in your area for the additional practice or to keep in shape. 
  • Is linked to the US College ststem, and a tool used to award scholarships

No boundries is offering UTR linked regional events from June 2019. The focus is to offer high quality fun events people want play, and offer more opportunities for people to play tennis regardless of their age or ability. 

Enter Regional Events 

Rating Tournament 1 - 25-27 June 2019                       Rating Tournament 4 - 21-24 September 2019

Rating Tournament 3 - 9-12 August 2019                         Rating Tournament 5 - 25-27 October 2019

Rating Tournament 2 - 5-7 July 2019                           Rating Tournament 6 - 6-9 December 2019

Rating Tournament 3 - 9-12 August 2019                      Rating Tournament 7 - 10-12 January 2020


If you would like to have your school, club or league matches rated, please contact